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Husniddin Ato

Tashkent, Uzbekistan



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A Bit About Me

Husniddin Ato is a press and documentary photographer and teacher from Uzbekistan. He currently teaches at the University of Uzbekistan, school of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Husniddin works in the field of photojournalism in a combination of artistic and documentary photography. His photographs and works are regularly published in local and foreign media, as well as in print and online publications.

Husniddin is the founder of the first non-governmental photo agency PressPhoto.Uz, which is specialized in photojournalism.

During his carrier, he took photographs for organizations like the UN, UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO, and USAID.

A special place in the author’s work is occupied by works devoted to cultural life, traditions, rites, and ethnography of Uzbekistan and other countries.

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