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Atiol Elmalik_South Sudan.jpg

Atiol Elmalik

Juba, South Sudan

Founder CEO

Heritage Consortium

Photographer & Filmmaker


Live your life with dignity and integrity. Never be so proud that you lose simple humility. A good attitude is more important than money and a PhD. 

—Atiol Elmalik 

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A Bit About Me

Atiol Elmalik is a professional photographer and filmmaker who uses these mediums to tell stories about water diplomacy, environmental and climate issues, human rights concerns, and diversity and justice inclusivity in South Sudan and Africa. In addition to being the CEO of the Heritage Consortium, he works as a freelancer with international media houses including the European Press Photo Agency in Frankfurt, Germany; ZaNenger News; Shutter Stock News; and Good Vibes Magazine. In addition, he has worked with Al Jazeera and National Geographic, and has participated in regional workshops related to photojournalism. When COVID-19 hit South Sudan, Mr. Atiol’s company began producing reusable face masks, collaborating with international institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the United Nations Children’s Fund.
Mr. Elmalik was inspired to become a photographer and filmmaker to share more broadly about identity, human rights, human trafficking, and misconceptions about his roots in South Sudan and the African Continent. He believes strongly in the power of photo and video to capture moments in time, and even stop time for the next generation to see. He sees that in the digital era, visual diplomacy will transform nations and change the way humans connect. 

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