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Marta Escurra

Asunción, Paraguay


ABC Color

“If it makes you laugh,
if it makes you cry,
if it rips out your heart,
that’s a good picture."

Eddie Adams, Pulitzer Prize,
1969, Photojournalist

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A Bit About Me

Marta Escurra is a Paraguayan journalist and photojournalist based in Asunción. She speaks Spanish and Guarani, a Paraguayan indigenous language.

As a photojournalist, she works for international agencies as well as local media. Her work is regularly seen in the ABC Color newspaper, the main multimedia in Paraguay. Ms. Escurra has been working with ABC Color since 1994 as an editor, photojournalist, and columnist.

Marta also hosts “Entre Gallos y Medianoche,” a radio program on 730AM ABC Cardinal, where she shares Paraguayan music, news, and interviews with local an international listeners.

Marta completed her undergraduate degree at “Universidad del Norte” (University of the North), and her masters degree in National Strategic Planning and Management from the “Instituto de Altos Estudios Estratégicos" (IAEE) (Institute of Advanced Strategic Studies), where she is also pursuing a doctorate (class of 2022).

As President of “Foro de Periodistas Paraguayos" (FOPEP) (Forum of Paraguayan Journalists), she leads initiatives around freedom of expression and free press in her country.

Marta is a co-author of some journalist and photojournalist books.

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