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Socheata Hean

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Freelance Multimedia Journalist

VOA Khmer

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“Journalism is the first rough draft of history.”

—Philip L. Graham, former President and Publisher of the Washington Post 

A Bit About Me

Socheata Hean is a freelance multimedia journalist with the Voice of America (VOA Khmer) in Phnom Penh. She covers everything from reports in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, politics, human rights, education, environment, disability, gender, health, and poverty.

She began her photojournalism profession as an intern with VOA Khmer eight years ago when Cambodia was in the midst of national elections. Ms. Hean has been at the frontline of reporting and photojournalism, from election campaigns to protests, from Cambodian lifestyle stories to the current pandemic. Socheata is interested in new approaches in photojournalism and wants to create a more fair and equitable society using her photo lens.

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