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Filip Krainčanić

Belgrade, Serbia


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A Bit About Me

Filip Krainčanić started his career as a staff photojournalist in Tanjug news agency, the biggest news agency in the Balkans. There he photographed major events and stories, from government protocols to formal international visits to events in the volatile Kosovo region whenever they erupted. He also covered sports, culture, daily life, but primarily news. In the news agency, he learned to work under extreme pressure and edit and send pics to the office from the field. Filip has had pictures published in most of Serbia's daily newspapers and weekly magazines. 

Since 2020, Filip has been working as a staff photojournalist for the news portal He covers daily news as well as stories relating to societal neglect from the government. With, he went to Azerbaijan and Armenia to cover the war over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, and briefly experienced being a war photographer. Most of his working career, he has covered the latest and most up-to-date news.

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