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Mankica Kranjec

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Photographer and Journalist


"I tend to think of the act of photographing, generally speaking, as an adventure. My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been."

—Diane Arbus 

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A Bit About Me

Mankica Kranjec is a freelance photojournalist, world traveler, and eternal optimist who tries to find magic in sparkling delicate details with her camera.

Having completed her studies at the Faculty of Social science at the University of Ljubljana, she earned a degree in communications. Subsequently, she decided to continue her studies at the institute for fundamental cultural research, The Center for the Study of Culture and Religion. Here she is finishing her master's thesis, focusing on women in graffiti art.

Mankica is a creative life enthusiast with a passion for photography and journalism. She focuses her efforts on creating photographs and stories that increase our understanding of people, culture, and art. She is a witness of time. With her camera, she has documented scenes that may once disappear and be lost for future generations. 

She is an internationally award-winning photographer and author who has been widely published in the Slovenian and international press. She participated in global photography projects and has shown her work in more than 35 photo exhibitions worldwide. She has been working with a variety of international clients.

Mankica currently lives and works in Slovenia and considers herself incredibly lucky to be doing what she does. Therefore, she tries to share her passion for photography and art with everyone she works with.

My Global Moment Gallery

The City of Sigh(t)s

The City of Sigh(t)s. Ljubljana as never before. A loud noise of a profound panic is cutting a thick misty air, filled with a fear of the unknown. My beautiful hometown seems to serve as the backdrop for a Covid-19-post-apocalyptic movie. Random ominous moments sneak up on me as I observe abandoned benches, empty streets, and graffiti walls. Closed umbrellas, tall creatures that remind me of the mundane human shapes that deserted Ljubljana's streets. The protective devices stand proudly yet quietly emit an air of sadness. It seems as if they are crying while simultaneously hoping for better times.


All the magnificent buildings, squares, and bridges still have their old charm, but it feels surreal. No human souls are bringing the streets to life. Every local is stuck between four walls, each with their own destiny, living in a personalized concrete bubble. A lively city has become a silent city. One of lost shadows, muffled Sighs, and sad stories. It feels as if the sun no longer shines as bright during the morning as it did before. One thing is for sure–nothing will ever be the same again. However, a time will come when umbrellas will open once again and catch the sun's early rays as people freely roam Ljubljana's streets.

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